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Our mission is to empower everyone to share knowledge with others in the most personal and efficient way possible.


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Introducing: Minerva

Minerva is an advanced website template that has been created to make information easily accessible, quickly shareable and friendly.


At codeX design, we believe that a well made video enriches the user's experience on a site. This is exactly the reason why we also produce professional videos upon request.

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Minerva Updates
2018 July Update
Introducing an All-New Design

At codeX, our goal is to enrich your user experience on the web. This is the way of thinking that led to the creation of the 2018 July Update, which presents content in the most engaging way yet in Minerva's history.

New Banner Image

The redesigned Banner image reflects the colorfulness of Minerva.

Reimagined Adaptive Design

Improved Responsive Design

We have improved the responsivity of the Navigation Bar.

All-new Dynamic Design

Introducing: Rich Media Element

The most important visual element of the content is shown at the top of the card.

Redesigned Buttons and Typography

We have changed the shape of the buttons and the typography of text elements to give them a distinct identity.

Improved Dark Mode

Cleaner Animations